Mantra City 360

Are you looking for a ‘Complete Life’?

This is where you’ll get a wholesome experience, full of bliss. Mantra City 360° offers, a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional life that imparts a new meaning to ‘Complete Living’.

From conveniences to luxury, life at City 360° is complete in the truest sense of the word.

Mantra City 360

Offerings/Configuration : Studio, 1 & 2 RHK Homes & Shops

PhaseBuildingRERA No.
Phase IA & BP52100001846
Phase IIC & DP52100001834
Phase IIISHOPS A,B,C,DP52100002880
Phase IVA1, B1P52100001457
Phase VSHOPS A1, B1P52100002595


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Survey No. 389, Behind Jhaveri Colony, Near Hutching International School, Kakasaheb Khalde Road, Talegaon Dabhade, Pune- 410506
Contact : 7620 707070
GPS Coordinates: 18.725795,73.672255


  • Talegaon Railway Station: 5 mins
  • Hutchings School: 2 mins
  • Samarth Hospital : 7 mins
  • Axis Bank : 5 mins
  • Hinjewadi : 30 mins
  • Lonavla: 15 mins
  • Nigdi : 25 mins

Project Layout

Tower A

Tower A1

Tower B

Tower B1



  • Structure:
    Earthquake Resistant RCC Structure.
  • Masonry:
    Fly Ash Bricks/AAC Blocks Masonry Work
  • Wall Finish:
    Gypsum Finish for Wall at internal side.
    Sand Faced Plaster for Exterior Surface.
  • Kitchen:
    Black Granite Kitchen Platform
  • Bathrooms:
    ISI Mark C.P. and Sanitary Fittings
  • Flooring and Wall Finish:
    24’’ x 24’’ vitrified flooring
    OBD Paint
  • Doors:
    Wooden Door Frames and Wooden Shutter
  • Windows:
    Three Track Powder Coated Aluminium Sliding Windows
    MS Grills for safety and security
    Natural stone window sill


PhaseBuildingConfigAvailable Nos.Flat No.
Phase IWing A1 RHK231109,1107,1104,1102,1009,1007,1004,908,904,807,804,709,707,608,603,602,308,307,307,302,207,203,103
Phase IWing A1.5 RHK71006,1005,806,805,605,206,106
Phase IWing A2 RHK6901,801,701,610,601,401
Phase IWing B1 RHK191109,1108,907,809,808,703,702,604,603,602,504,502,403,308,302,204,203,202,102
Phase IWing B2 RHK91105,905,810,805,505,310,306,210,106
Phase IIWing C1 RHK321108,1104,1102,1008,1004,1002,904,903,808,707,704,703,702,608,603,602,509,508,507,503,502,403,402,309,308,303,209,207,202,109,104,103
Phase IIWing C1.5 RHK3301, 410, 610
Phase IIWing C2 RHK71006,806,605,505,305,205,106
Phase IIWing D1 RHK16906,903,902,803,707,706,703,507,507,503,502,407,406,303,203,202
Phase IIWing D1.5 RHK13905,904,805,604,505,504,405,404,304,205,204,105,104
Phase IIWing D2 RHK71101,1008,901,801,708,508,408
Phase IVWing A1Studio15910,909,905,805,709,706,610,409,309,210,209,206,205,110,106
Phase IVWing A11 RHK361113,1112,1104,1013,1011,1007,913,912,911,902,807,708,707,703,612,604,603,513,511,508,504,413,412,411,403,402,311,304,303,302,213,212,208,207,204,203,111,104,103
Phase IVWing A12 RHK71101,814,701,501,401,314,201
Phase IVWing B1Studio201110,1106,909,805,710,705,509,506,410,409,406,405,310,309,210,209,206,109,106,105
Phase IVWing B11 RHK361103,1102,1013,1011,1007,1004,913,904,903,902,811,807,804,611,511,508,504,502,413,411,404,403,402,313,312,304,302,213,212,211,208,202,113,112,107,104
Phase IVWing B12 RHK111101,1014,914,801,614,514,501,401,301,201,101

Floor Plans

Coming Soon…


Property TypePricing
1 RHK25 Lacs Onwards (All Inclusive)
2 RHK34 Lacs Onwards (All Inclusive)



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